3D from fotos

You send us photos and we will send you your 3D-figure!

3D models are made from some photos in intensive manual work by us. This novelty offers you the possibility to create live and / or already deceased personalities, of which only a few photos still exist, in a 3D model so that they can be displayed spatially and realistically (with photo texture).

Our 3D designers use your ideas, sketches, photos (even paper photos) and other templates to model realistic and high-quality 3D models. Thanks to the many years of experience of our 3D artists, their artistic flair and their high level of expertise in all standard 3D programs and specialized tools, you will end up with a 3D model that is very difficult to distinguish from a 3D scan. The 3D models modeled from photos can be printed as a 3D figure in any size, or displayed as an avatar on your phone or computer game.

Please send us as much information as possible.



3D figures prices and sizes from photos:

                             bust:                  full body:                 pets:                    wedding couple:

5cm                       69€                     169€                        169€                      299€

10cm                     99€                     199€                        199€                      349€

15cm                     149€                   269€                        269€                      440€


Required photos:

Face from the front, from the side, from behind (the more photos, the better the result)
Full body from the front, from the side, from behind (the more photos, the better the result)
Take special pictures (for example white tail of a pet)

please pay attention to resolution and light in photos (the better the Fotoos, the better the 3D figures)
at the deceased all photos and information what you have
just ask if you have any questions